City Tour + Canal

Our tour begins with a panoramic view trough the emblematic coastline where the Balboa Monument rests, which was a spanish explorer and the first european that sighted “el Mar del Sur” or the South Sea among the indigenous, today known as the Pacific Ocean. To the North of the City we will embark into the imposing Panama Canal (or Miraflores Locks) being the interoceanic way that connects the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean crossing the Isthmus of Panama at its narrowest point.

Continuing our journey, we will travel to the Amador Causeway which connects the Continental side of the City with 4 islands of the Pacific Ocean from which they form a small archipelago. It is currently one of the most popular sites including various recreational facilities like restaurants, bars, and a Duty Free shop. Finishing our journey we will visit the “Casco Antiguo” or the Historical Old Town, the second city founded in the Pacific, a magical place fill with stories, architectures and joy.

You can request to return to your hotel or get transfer to the Albrook Mall.

Departure Time: 08:00 – Return Time: 13:30

Suggestions: It is recommended to bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, light clothing, money, and passport.

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