Partial Traffic Through The Panama Channel

South Direction

Our tour starts at the Flamenco Marina. Here, the passengers will board buses that will take them to the Gamboa area, where the facilities of the Panama Canal Dredging Division are located. This transfer takes about 45 minutes. Once in Gamboa, passengers will board the boat to start their tour of the canal. The partial tour of the Panama Canal begins at the northern entrance of the “Corte Culebra” or Snake Channel, well known because its curves resemble a snake. This is where the Chagres River empties into the canal and this is one of the most interesting parts since the channel was built across the continental divide and has a great historical and geological value. We will navigate the 13.7 kilometers that comprise the channel in its transit towards the Locks of Pedro Miguel.

Before reaching Pedro Miguel in the southern part of the canal, you can see the Centenario bridge that crosses the canal. In the Pedro Miguel Locks, the ship descends 9 meters to Lake Miraflores which is a small freshwater lake that separates the two locks on the Pacific side of the channel.

We cross Lake Miraflores until we reach the Miraflores Locks where the boat descends a total of 18 meters in two stages. At the end of his descent the boat reaches the waters of the Pacific Ocean. From there the boat sails to the Flamenco Marina where passengers disembark. On the way to Flamenco, you can see the Bridge of the Americas, the spectacular Bay of Panama and the imposing buildings of the city of Panama.

North Direction

Our tour starts at the Flamenco Marina. After the check in, passengers will board the boat to start their tour of the canal. As you head towards the entrance of the Canal, you will appreciate the imposing buildings of Panama City, the spectacular Panama Bay and the Bridge of the Americas.

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