Bocas del Toro


Bocas del Toro is a province located northwest from Panama at 32 km from the border of Costa Rica;  it is a beautiful place, full of paradisiacal and exotic Caribbean landscapes.

This archipelago is at a 45-minute domestic flight from Panama City, known for its diversity of flora and fauna, magical and crystal-clear waters, exotic jungle and its original emblematic cuisine. Upon landing in Colon island you will feel the magic of the Caribbean. Enjoy this singular village that has two cultures, one indigenous and other Afro-Caribbean.

If you choose to stay in Colon island, we can offer comfortable accommodation options with sea view terraces. At evening you can enjoy the special entertainment of the native people and incomparable gastronomy with a tropical charm.

If you want to visit other islands, you can take the so called “water-cab” from Colon island to the destiny of your choice; you can stay in comfortable cabins or luxurious villas in the sea with the best view, comfort, exquisite cuisine with the freshest variety of seafood and of course all the facilities.

Hover Tours has several activities to offer in this archipelago; boat ride to the bay, where you will live the unique experience of seeing dolphins in its original habitat, then you can visit Star Beach or Playa Estrella, named after the several numbers of sea-stars that you can find emerging next to you in this beach. You can also snorkel at Coral Cay and delight yourself with the stunning coral reefs and the heavenly waters. If you want to do something original, visit the chocolate farm and the botanical gardens; for the adventurous we can offer a wonderful canopy with an amazing view, walking by the alligators and also observe countless exotic species. The indigenous community awaits for your visit…learn more about its culture…and if after all that you want a little bit more adventure, we invite you to go exploring the mysterious jungles and caves.

Bocas del Toro is definitely a paradise on earth …where the jungle meets a truly heavenly beach…

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