San Jose Island


Located in the archipelago of Las Perlas, south of Panama City, this exclusive, private island invites you to rest and relax, while you fall for its exotic landscapes and spectacular sea views. Enjoy the comfort. Read More.

To this pristine waters island full of diverse wildlife and rainforests, you get with a domestic flight, aprox. 25 min from Panama City in a Caravan 208 Plane. Since the take off, you will begin a journey full of unique experiences and memories with majestic aerial views of the canal, the Amador causeway and other islands of Las Perlas archipelago.

Isla San José has comfortable cabins, all with mostly lush sea view, this small tropical paradise of the Panamanian Pacific, is an ideal place for relax, not to mention the delicious and high quality cuisine where its specialty is sea food. If you are interested in other types of tastes, you can also order, one day before, a wild pig on the grill, and they´ll hunt it for you immediately. Its flavor will delight the most discerning palate.

Among the activities that can be performed there are: fishing, adventure tour through the island on ATVs, paddle board, snorkeling, kayaking, night safari, or simply enjoy yourself in the infinity pool.

This island is ideal for whale watching from late July to late August, as it is considered a sanctuary where the whales take their breedings, so there is a 90% chance that you can see and enjoy them closely in its natural habitat. It is certainly a worth experience to keep in your memory forever.

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