Gastronomy and Nightlife

Panama’s cuisine and nightlife are a vibrant mix of exquisite flavors and exciting experiences that deserve to be explored. From its strategic location in Central America, to its culinary influences from diverse cultures, Panama offers a unique gastronomic experience and exciting nightlife for all types of visitors.

Panama’s geographical location between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans has allowed its cuisine to be enriched with a wide variety of fresh seafood. Seafood is an essential part of Panamanian gastronomy, and dishes such as ceviche, stuffed sea bass and garlic snapper are delicious options you can’t miss. In addition, African, indigenous and Spanish influences in the country’s gastronomy have given rise to dishes such as sancocho (a chicken soup with vegetables and herbs), arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) and tamales.

Panama City, in particular, offers a wide range of options to enjoy the nightlife. Casco Viejo, the historic center of the city, is the ideal place to start your nightlife adventure. Here you will find an abundance of bars and restaurants with open-air terraces and a breathtaking view of modern skyscrapers contrasting with the colonial architecture. You can enjoy cocktails made with locally produced rum, such as Abuelo rum, while soaking up the festive energy of the city.

Panama is also known for its lively music scene, with a wide variety of genres ranging from salsa and reggaeton to jazz and rock. There are numerous clubs and bars offering live music and dance floors to dance the night away. You can also enjoy cultural events such as music festivals, concerts and dance performances at venues like the National Theater of Panama.

If you prefer something quieter, you can visit the Seafood Market, where you can sample fresh seafood while watching the sunset over the bay of Panama. In addition, you can visit the local markets to find fresh and traditional products, such as exotic fruits and handicrafts.


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